The OT Learning Lab ® was created in an effort to make intervention based strategies, resources, and information more accessible to families and educators. We value evidence based practice, collaboration, and education. Our mission is to provide innovative approaches to learning and development through the use of video technology to promote the foundational skills of handwriting development in elementary aged students. Our vision is to create an avenue to bridge the gap between practice and skill acquisition.

Specifically, we offer memberships to five different handwriting courses to promote handwriting development.

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Dr. Amy Sadek uses a holistic-centered approach to client care. With an eclectic educational background in Nutrition and Occupational Therapy, Dr. Sadek combined these interests to complete her PhD in Rehabilitation Science. For her dissertation, Dr. Sadek conducted a pilot study to assess the antioxidant rich properties of cacao in modulating behavioral symptoms among Autistic children. She has been working as a registered and licensed school-based occupational therapist since 2013 and has worked with all of the special education eligibilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. She has a particular interest in making sure children, with varying ability levels, and their teachers have the necessary and developmentally appropriate resources to engage in meaningful occupations that enhance learning and academic skills.

More recently, Dr. Sadek is an Assistant Professor to a developing Occupational Therapy Doctoral program in Southern, CA. She has been a guest speaker at various Occupational Therapy university programs, held an adjunct faculty position at a local university, is a published author, an ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, serves as Editor to the OT/PT Region 10 Committee, and provides private consulting. Ultimately, Dr. Sadek values evidence-based practice and sharing this transformative information with other educators, institutions, families, and interdisciplinary teams. School-based occupational therapy practice relies heavily on foundational skills in motor and cognitive development in order to build skills in a developmentally appropriate manner. Thus, Dr. Sadek wanted to create an online learning platform to reach more families and educators so they are empowered with high quality learning tools to optimize student outcomes.