About the Handwriting Lab® .

  • Does your child have a hard time reading their own writing?
  • Are they struggling to form their letters the right way?
  • Do they reverse letters such as b, d and p, q?
  • Do their letters float above the line?
  • Are their words too close together when they write sentences?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Handwriting Lab courses are just the right tool for them to get their writing on track! They are easy to follow and only require ten minutes a day!

Our developmental handwriting video tutorials help elementary aged children to adopt legible and functional writing skills by teaching directionality concepts, correct letter formation, and spatial orientation concepts.

Handwriting, from an occupational therapy perspective, involves much more than good penmanship. A variety of factors go into the handwriting process including, but not limited to, fine motor skills, visual motor skills, memory, posture, visual perceptual skills, and spatial awareness. As a certified handwriting specialist in the renowned Handwriting Without Tears ® program, I enjoy making handwriting a fun experience where children, families, and educators can feel empowered to practice. In the Handwriting Lab, you will find a variety of videos that progress in a developmental order to make sure your children and students are learning foundational skills for writing.

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PROS of the program.

For Parents & Families:

  • Practice year round, after school, and during breaks to promote and maintain skills
  • Daily access for your child to practice their writing skills
  • Repetitive practice to focus on quality of work
  • Get feedback through our handwriting analytics service
  • Easy to follow tutorials
  • Each video under 15 minutes
  • Save time on driving to get handwriting help for your child
  • Save the planning and coordinating of someone coming to your home to tutor
  • Flexibility in the comfort of your home
  • Children enjoy learning through technology
  • Can supplement any OT services your child may already be receiving

For Educators & School Districts:

  • An evidence based approach through handwriting intervention and video modeling
  • Can benefit general and special education students
  • Year long access
  • Can support Language Arts common core state standards related to writing
  • Can be part of the SST process
  • Fits in with the Response to Intervention model
  • Increase student time in the classroom
  • Can be used for whole class settings so all can benefit
  • Allows time for student to model
  • Easy to follow tutorials
  • Each video under 15 minutes
  • Can be used in conjunction with related service providers