About the Handwriting Lab® .

Handwriting, from an occupational therapy perspective, involves much more than good penmanship. A variety of factors go into the handwriting process including, but not limited to, fine motor skills, visual motor skills, memory, posture, visual perceptual skills, and spatial awareness. As a certified handwriting specialist in the renowned Handwriting Without Tears ® program, I enjoy making handwriting a fun experience where children, families, and educators can feel empowered to practice. In the Handwriting Lab, you will find a variety of videos that progress in a developmental order to make sure your children and students are learning foundational skills for writing.

The pros of the program.

For Parents:

  • Practice year round, after school, and during breaks to promote and maintain skills
  • Daily access for your child to practice their writing skills
  • Repetitive practice to focus on quality of work
  • Get feedback through our handwriting analyses feature
  • Easy to follow tutorials
  • Each video under 15 minutes
  • Save time on driving to get handwriting help for your child
  • Save the planning and coordinating of someone coming to your home to tutor
  • Flexibility in the comfort of your home
  • Children enjoy learning through technology

For Educational Settings:

  • An evidence based approach through handwriting intervention and video modeling
  • Can benefit general and special education students
  • Year long access
  • Can support Language Arts common core state standards related to writing
  • Can be part of the SST process 
  • Fits in with the Response to Intervention model
  • Increase student time in the classroom
  • Can be used for whole class settings so all can benefit
  • Allows time for student to model
  • Easy to follow tutorials
  • Each video under 15 minutes