Handwriting Video Courses

Great question! 

These videos will be best suited for children who:

  • Identify and recognize letters, shapes, and numbers
  • Know left from right (quick ways to check this: ask your student/child to raise their right hand, raise their left hand, touch their left knee, touch their right knee, etc.)
  • Know top from bottom (quick way to check this for writing is have a piece of paper out and ask them to point to the top of the paper and the bottom of the paper)
  • Have an established hand dominance (righty or lefty)
  • Grasp a pencil and/or crayon with a functional hold
  • Attend to activities for 10-15 min 
  • Demonstrate a willingness to practice 
  • Access to computer and printer 
  • Age: Preschool – 3rd (optimal age range) 
  • Demonstrates developmental readiness
  • Introduced to handwriting (knows basic concepts) 
  • Understands English 
  • Spanish videos coming soon!

At the beginning of each video there will be a list of recommended items for that specific video, however, these items are recommended to get the most out of the video tutorials: 

  • Internet device with audio (ideally a computer or tablet)
  • Writing tools: pencil, erasers, highlighters, crayons (blue, green, brown)
  • Three lined paper 
  • Printer 
  • Quiet space to work/practice 
  • Desk and chair 
  • Good lighting 
  • Ready to learn attitude

Course Selections:

Course Bundle #1


This course covers:

  • Fine Motor Warm Ups
  • Writing Strokes
  • Pre-Writing Shapes

Course Bundle #2


This course covers:

  • Writing Strokes
  • Pre-Writing Shapes
  • Uppercase Letters

Course Bundle #3


This course covers:

  • Writing Strokes
  • Pre-Writing Shapes
  • Lowercase Letters

Course Bundle #4


This course covers:

  • Writing Strokes
  • Pre-Writing Shapes
  • Numbers

Course Bundle #5

(2nd-3rd +)

This course covers:

  • Uppercase Letters
  • Lowercase Letters
  • Sentence Structure

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Here you can find links to all of our favorite sites where you can get the same materials used in our tutorials as well as other types of paper to practice on!