Educational Consulting.

  • Are you new to the IEP process? Or have you been in it for a while and still feel lost?
  • Are you overwhelmed in figuring out how to make sure your child’s IEP is fit to their individual needs?
  • Do you want to have a positive and collaborative relationship with your child’s school?
  • Do you need help getting organized with your child’s IEP?
  • Is all of the IEP language a lot to digest and navigate?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you have come to the right place. Your child’s special education services are there to support their needs and ultimately their educational goals. And, I am here to help guide you and make the IEP process one that is supportive, clear, and collaborative.

Dr. Sadek’s private educational consulting services help families, at any stage, in the IEP process to have their needs and questions addressed and provide their child with an IEP that sets them up for success by conducting thorough record reviews, family and district collaboration, and organizational processes.

We offer private education based consulting services by phone or video conferencing to help you navigate your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) journey.

The IEP process can be a very detailed and time consuming one and that is why we are here to help make your life easier. The Individual with Disabilities Education Act (1975) was designed to make sure that all children with varying ability levels had access to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). Whether you are new to the IEP process or have been promoting your child’s education for a few years now, we are happy to pick up wherever you are and streamline the process through collaboration, organization, and to ultimately support your child’s success and engagement in their academic journey. At the OT Learning Lab, we are committed to easing your stress, clarifying processes, enhancing team building through families and schools, and most importantly ensuring that your child has access to the right type of IEP.

Our private educational consultation model includes:

  • IEP support and education
  • Record review
  • Assessment review
  • 504 support and education
  • Research on services and interventions
  • IEP organization
  • Goal assessment and development
  • Facilitation of positive communication and collaboration
  • IEP meeting tips for success

To learn more about our educational consultation services, click here to contact us and schedule a conversation.

Parent Testimonials

“Amy Sadek has been truly amazing and she has been such a valuable and needed resource in guiding me and assisting me to fully understand our son’s complicated Individualized Education Plan (IEP) at his school.  My 12 year old son struggles with ADHD and a global delay so having the correct IEP is so critically important for my son’s future, and Amy was the key to our success for our son’s IEP. She was able to educate me on what I needed to ask for, and how to make sure that my son was getting what is needed for his success. I was determined to find someone that will assist me, guide me, educate me, is professional but caring, fully understands an IEP, and most importantly, cares about my son’s future as much as I do.  I didn’t think I would find this type of person, but I honestly did with Amy. She helped me to fully understand my rights as a parent, how to properly collaborate with the school in designing an IEP, and to fully understand the whole process. I am so very grateful for all that Amy has done for my son, and I truly hope that by sharing my experiences with others, it will help other parents and children to benefit from the exceptional care and guidance our family has received from Amy.” 

Mother of a 12-year old son with ADHD and Global delay

“I am so grateful to Dr. Sadek for her professionalism and knowledge. She provided me sound advice and educated me on the process in requesting services for my daughter and what to expect. I was nervous about the process however Dr. Sadek put my mind at ease. Highly appreciate her support and professionalism.”

Mother of a 22-month old

“My son recently turned 3 and is entering special services in a school district in San Bernardino County. I didn’t realize how difficult and confusing the whole process would be! I am so thankful I had Amy by my side. She walked me through the IEP process. It was such a blessing to have someone review and advise us as we went through the assessments. She helped us draft education based goals to be included in the IEP to make sure my son had the resources he needed to thrive in school. At first, I really dreaded sending my son to school. Now, I am looking forward to it! I’m excited to watch him flourish in a new environment with the support of our IEP. Thank you so much, Amy!!!”

Christine H., Southern California

“I am so grateful for Dr. Sadeks’ consultation in helping educate and guide me through various approaches to assist my Kindergartner with engagement, participation, and task completion. It has helped her so much in her schooling and her confidence. We are now moving forward in getting the appropriate intervention and services to continue to set her up for success. I highly recommend Dr. Sadek to anyone needing any help/consultation for their kids.”

Amanda F., Mom of Kindergartner (5 y/o)